EFFORT Racing was founded in 2010 with a simple goal: to be Champions, both on and off the racetrack. In doing so, we seek not only to win races, but to spread an uplifting and encouraging message of hope. That's why we strive to infuse God's integrity and standards into the passionate and exciting world of racing. By doing so, we know we can continue to have a positive impact on the racing community...and beyond.

EFFORT Racing has arrived - and We Come to Win!

Our Mission

As champions for integrity, hope and passion, we're dedicated to instilling positivity and inspiration in everyone across the world. Our EFFORT Racing team pledges to hold ourselves to a higher standard in all aspects of our lives. It's not enough for us just to win races. We're racing with a message - that God's way equals success on and off the racetrack - so HOW we win is just as important. We want to take every checkered flag with the same integrity and compassion we live with every day.